Want High-Quality News? Don't Venture Online...

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"The greatest threat to mainstream media is not technological advance but the threat to our ability to provide a high-quality news product."

For a journalistic venture to become a success, much hard work and creativity are needed.  Mainstream journalists take the time to find out a potential stories background, interview knowledgeable sources or eyewitnesses, and get all of the facts straight before actual publication.  However, news bloggers have a much larger temptation to bypass some of necessary steps for writing an accurate story.  Since the internet is a seemingly less permanent structure than an actual newspaper or the traditional evening news, inexperienced bloggers may forgo the creative, intriguing aspect of the writing to quickly get the story published as soon as possible.  This can lead to the horrific problem of providing false information to the public because a story was published too quickly, without having adequate information from multiple sources.

Personally, I don't think that online news will ever be as accurate as mainstream media.  

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