Daunting and Overwhelming, Yet Still and Improvement

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Your Setonian Online mockup is undeniably an improvement from the present Setonian Online.  I love the heading, especially the colors and the griffin.  However, I feel like the webpage is a little too jumbled and will be rather frustrating for a reader to navigate.  There's little "blank" space throughout the entire page, and I think the large amount of words will overwhelm the reader.  I went to some online newspaper website and found a few whose format could be used to make the Setonian Online a little more user friendly than the mockup. 

Florida's Cedar Key's News  has an interesting, colorful layout that's incredibly simple to navigate. 

North Dakota's TiogaTribune enables readers to view news in an extremely organized, eye-appealing fashion.  

California's Evergreen Times has a ton of pictures, which will immediately draw in readers, and very noticeable advertising.  Also, it has enough space to encourage the reader to navigate the website without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall, I think the Setonian Online mockup is an excellent start to our internet project, but we definitely have a lot of work ahead of us to make it user friendly.

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