Media Lab Portfolio 2

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Part One

Spring Break Fiasco!        


In a dungeon-like room in the basement of McKenna, the noise of vibrant students could be heard from the entrance into the hallway.  This enthusiastic atmosphere was the result of eight Setonian staff members diligently working on the newspaper on their last day of spring break.

Because of the timing of Seton Hill University's spring break, this issue of the Setonian suffered from lack of staff writers, photographs, and copy editors.  However, the dedication of the few dependable staff members was exemplified by freshman Becca Marrie.  With a peeling, sun-burned face, Marrie, ignored the excruciating pain from her week in Florida's radiating sun in order to ensure the Setonian was published on time.

"Becca was one of the only eight to grace us with her presence for our critically important copy-editing party for last issue," said editor Tiffany Gilbert. 


Marrie mentioned that because of the minimal amount of staff participation in this issue of the Setonian, it was especially lacking in skillful writing.  Many of the copy editors agreed on that this unacceptable writing created unnecessary work for them,

"Sometimes I just wonder how a journalism student could honestly write an article like this and expect it to get published.  It looks like a fourth grader wrote it," commented one anonymous copy editor..

Having spring break the week before the paper was set to be published caused a large amount of stress for the editors and and the students in charge of layout.  With a minimal amount of students to help, this issue of the Setonian was not quite up to the standards the staff members had set for themselves.  This is due in part to a large number of students either ignoring or not receiving the mass emails sent out by Gilbert.  Much help was needed but little was received over spring break.  Fortunately for the Setonian,at least at least a few of the staff members were dependable.  Gilbert knew she could always count on Marrie, in particular, to help her with whatever ends needed to be tied.   

"During the unfortunate absence of the entire student body over spring break, Becca answered promptly to my pleading emails to help smooth out the bumps of production," said Gilbert.


Part Two

My blog response to the Setonian Online mockup

Part Three

So far this term, I have been accumulating nutrition tips for our class project, which is creating a new Setonian Online.  These tips will be used when I post daily/weekly healthy tips for students.  I believe this innovative idea will make the Setonian Online more appealing to the student body.  


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