Hopefully This Article Will Live Forever

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Angle: Helpful hints to ensure you get along with your roomate(s)
- How to act
- How to speak

People I can Interview by next week:
- Aja Hannah
- Melissa Unger
- Kaitlin Clancey
- Brittni Spillar
- Katie Lance

People I am also interested in interviewing:
- Justin Ryan (RA)
- Lauren Schoemaker (RA)
- Keisha Jimmerson

- Events on campus you can partake in with your roomate(s)


Is your article focusing on the issues that women have with their roommates? I note that the only male on your list is an RA. Since Aja is on the Setonian staff, it would be better to interview someone else. (If Aja wins an award, or becomes involved in some other newsworthy event, it would be fine to interview her if we identify her as a staff member, but when it's possible to choose other sources for a news feature, it's best not to interview our own staff.)

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