Media Lab Portfolio 3

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Part A

Last Minute Delivery

  A simple miscommunication error led to unnecessarily hectic day for the Setonian Newspaper Staff at Seton Hill University. At 10:27 AM on Thursday, April 2, and urgent email had caused mass chaos throughout Seton Hill University.  Students following the instructions to "...stop by in the post office and grab a stack [of newspapers]," were in for a shock when they arrived at the appointed location to pick up the papers for delivery.  

  "I was flabbergasted when I followed the email's exact instructions, and upon arrival, none were there!" exclaimed freshman staff writer Christina Celona.  "I felt helpless, like a part of me was missing. I didn't know if they were stolen, but even if they were, I was too stunned to even remember who to report this incident to."

Similar occurrences happened to two other members of the Setonian Staff, freshman copy editors Melissa Unger and Becca Marrie. However, they took this incident with a slightly different attitude - neither was in the least bit surprised. 

  "I actually fully expect The Setonian to make mistakes due to disorganization," said Unger. "When I didn't find the newspapers at the post office, I just assumed that they had been delivered somewhere else and that I would find out about it eventually. I was not overly worried."  

  A follow-up email, sent 12:29 PM, cleared up all confusion for the staff members. The Setonian editor-in-chief, Tiffany Gilbert deeply apologized for any inconvenience caused by the false information. In the email, Gilbert stated "...I fibbed when I said the paper is at the post office.  It was actually delivered outside of the Setonian office.  Drop by sometime today if you can and help distribute."

  Within a half-hour of the apologetic email, the stack of newspapers had dwindled down after being successfully distributed to their variety of locations including the bookstore, DeChantal, Brownlee, Havey, Lowe, and Maura. 

  Celona and Marrie delivered a package together to the bookstore.

"I'm so glad we finally got this whole mess figured out," said Celona. "i hope I never have to feel that helpless feeling that I did a short time ago."

  Marrie, however, had other concerns on her mind.

  "I hope I don't drop this huge stack of papers," said Marrie.  "Though I guess it would make a good story for my media lab portfolio...'1200 Page Pick-Up.'"   

Part B

For my work on the Setonian Online, i have continued to accumulate more nutrition facts for our class project.  Hopefully, soon I will get to put these to good use. 


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