The Media Has Made Sex the Norm

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As I read Chapter 16 in How to Read Literature Like a Professor, it affected me in a rather personal way.  Yes, sex has been an element of the media since practically the beginning of time.  However, today's novels, movies, television shows, newspapers, magazines, and internet sites take it to a whole new level.  No longer are sexual references subliminal messages, but rather they are blatantly obvious - especially to the eyes and ears of impressionable children and teenagers.  The media has enabled sex to take on new dimensions in society.  Premarital sex, contrary to actually waiting until marriage for sexual relations, is the norm.  STD's and abortion are all the more common "side effects" of the sexual epidemic scouring the world.  Sex is everywhere, and as each year passes, children become less and less naive to the inappropriate actions occurring everywhere, both in real life and in the fictional world.  Thus,  pre-teens and teens no longer view sexual relations as unnecessary for their age, but rather a fundamental part of life.  They don't understand that sex is a "big deal" that the consequences can be life-altering.

However, this mass chaos which media has managed to wreak on society shows no signs of slowing down.  We are in over our heads, and sex will never be regarded with the same dignity and respect it did many years ago.  

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