The annual book sale

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First off, thanks to everyone who purchased a book, or a bag or three, from our annual homecoming book sale! The money that we bring in helps us to cover the costs of the coffee and cookies during the late nights for finals week. We really appreciate the folks who come back year after year to make the sale a success.

Sadly, however, there are always some books that don't find homes during the sale. In past years, some of these have become art projects; this year, a few are even being converted into iPad cases!

Last year, we began partnering with Better World Books, an organization that puts used books up for sale in physical stores and online. Proceeds from any sales are split between Better World Books, the library that "donated" the book, and the "literacy partner" designated by the library. (Our literacy partner is WorldFund, an organization that works to improve education in Latin America.) Books that don't sell are recycled or "reused" in some fashion.

After last year's book sale, we sent several boxes of books to Better World Books, and, while none of our books sold, they were put to good use. Seventy-six books were "reused," and 374 were recycled. This saved 9 trees, 3,166 gallons of water, 634 lbs of greenhouse gasses, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, and 1,470 Kwh of electricity.

We're currently boxing up this year's leftovers and sending as many as possible to Better World Books for a second year in a row. You can support this fantastic organization by buying used books directly from their site or by choosing to buy from Better World Books when you're shopping in such third-party sites as Amazon Marketplace. Thanks for helping them to help us, children and educators around the world, and the environment!

Caveat Lector

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Google Books is continuing its scanning process of all of the reading material it can get its hands on; however, the quality of its metadata has been called into question. While some mistakes are to be expected in such a vast undertaking (even by Google) should quantity overshadow quality?

Google crowdsources card index for 'humanity's last library' Garbage in, garbage out

The evolution of fact-checking

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There are some good information-literacy concepts embedded in this article about the evolution of fact-checking:

  • Don't take a statement at face value.

  • Try to find multiple sources to confirm a piece of crucial data.

  • The "authoritative" information sources change with time.

  • Sometimes you sacrifice accuracy for the sake of convenience-- but should you?

Thoughts to ponder as you giggle at the "FC" notes embedded throughout.

And We Do It For Free!

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Who does a brisker business: Netflix, Redbox, or your local library? Redbox lends 1.4 million, Netflix lends 2 million, and U.S. libraries lend 2.1 million DVDs per day. The survey was conducted by OCLC (Online Library Computer Center) and they don't lie!

Libraries top Netflix, Redbox when it comes to loaning DVDs

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