Misdirected Self-Esteem

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This quote stood out to me because it shows the dilemma many women go through which is knowing whether men like them or not. Parents, friends, or other family members tend to reassure the girl that men only like the girls who "cheapen" themselves; that they respect girls like Bernice, who don't "put themselves out there." These advisors want the girl to stay away from engagements with different men not only for their own benefit, but so the girl will have better self-esteem because it will not be based on how many men she has been with. I don't necessarily agree with this typical advice, but I understand that it is what many girls hear when they are upset about men or boys in this way. I don't think self-esteem should be based upon how many men or boys a female has been with or simply talked to. However, I think it is unfair to say that males do not respect females who may be more outgoing or sexual in their nature.


Richelle... which quote? Remember to add a link from your blog back to the course page, so that someone who enters the discussion from this page will have a chance of figuring out what you're talking about.

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