That Magical Place, but there is no magical place

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" 'Where'd you have to go?' she asked. She leaned a little closer and got a whiff of him that was like putting her nose under a buzzard's wing. 'Into my heart,' he said, placing his hand over it. 'Oh.' Ruby moved back. 'I gotta be going.' " (71).

Ruby was reluctant and irritated when Mr. Jerger was talking to her, but as soon as he mentioned finding the fountain of youth, she became interested. She wanted him to answer her by saying it's an actual place, something she can actually touch. But when he told her its something mental, she didn't care anymore. I think this shows that she really doesn't have good self-esteem and is not willing to find her inner beauty. I think she's too focused on her brother Rufus and how he ruined their mother, that she can't see anything positive in herself. She wastes so much time comparing herself to her mother when she could be happy by having a family of her own.


Greta Carroll said:

I agree completely with you, Richelle. All she cares about is being better than the other people she knows and maintaining her youth and “beauty”. I find it extremely interesting though, that she would rather have been old and sick, than be pregnant. I think at the heart of all of Ruby’s worries is fear, she doesn’t want to be old, she doesn’t want to be sick, she doesn’t want to have to go through pregnancy or the worry that comes along with being a mother. Ruby lets herself be overtaken by fear, instead of taking the chances which make life worth living.

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