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"VIVIAN: ...I have been asked 'How are you feeling today?' while I was throwing up into a plastic washbasin. I have been asked as I was emerging from a four hour operation with a tube in every orifice, 'How are you feeling today?' I am waiting for the moment when someone asks me this question and I am dead" (Edson, 5).

This passage stood out to me because it it just so true. I hate when people ask "how are you" but then keep on walking and don't even care to hear your response. It's so annoying. If you see someone you know, it's nice to say hi, but don't ask how they're doing if you really don't care and are just thinking of something to say. I understand that some people do it because they think it's what is polite, but they're just contradicting themselves when they say that and don't really listen for an answer. They just assume people will say "good." And that's what most people do say, because they know that it's just to make things less awkward, so they know they're not really wondering how they're feeling. I obviously have no problem when people ask this sincerely, but it's very annoying when people ask this and don't listen for an answer. It's almost like they use it as another way to say hi. This passage also stood out to me because I like the sense of humor, the sarcasm.


Stephanie Wytovich said:

I agree. I hate when you're walking through the halls and you see someone that you don't know that well, but is in one of your classes, and you have that awkward moment. It just makes things very uncomfortable, so I can def. relate to that.

I also thought it was terrible how Jason would ask her that just as procedure, not really caring what the answer would be. He didn't view her as a person, just as an experiment. He just wanted the results, not the emotion that is behind them.

aziz said:

j'aime apprendre comme je parle

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