Stripped of Innocence

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"Perhaps it's called the end of the world because it's the end of the games, because I can go to one of the villages and become one of the little boys working and playing there, with nothing to kill and nothing to kill me, just living"(Card, 74).

Ender is truly a little boy living in fear and with a constant need to defend himself. I don't think he ever has a chance to just be alone and focus on his own needs. Having a violent older brother and being made to think as though he is this tough kid, well, how is he supposed to do this? He thinks of solving things as killing them. He's been praised for it. He got into the school for it! He cannot imagine life just being simple, without obstacles to face and things to kill. That's life to him because that's how he interpreted the sign "the end of the world." He probably doesn't even know how to just live. It's very sad. His innocence was taken so early and it probably won't come back.

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