A Diner Closing Down Isn't Enough

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It was helpful to learn how to distinguish between a topic and a story from Joe Grimm's "Pitching a Story" article. I never thought of a topic being the main focus in news writing. I always just saw them as stories. But, I guess writers could write about topics. But, I think the main thing Grimm was saying is that we can write about topics in our news writing, but we must add to them to make them interesting; to make them actual news, and to enable the particular topic to stand apart from others. For example, there was an article in the August 25, 2009 issue of Tribune Review in which text messaging was discussed. Text messaging is a hot topic going around right now, but the writer made it a story by including names and real scenarios. The article did not simply just discuss text messaging in general and what it does to some teens, such as cause them to stay up late or have poor spelling. I think this is what Grimm is saying, and if it is, then I completely agree with him. A news article should not be a general topic, but a story with facts and quotes, as we are learning about in Dr. Jerz's News Writing course.

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