Newswriting tips help with essay writing

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"Often, slight rewording produces dramatic results" (7). I find this to be one of my problems in writing: I sometimes get too wordy, and use words that don't convey the meaning. Through the revision process, I am able to work on and fix this, but I would like it if at my first attempt this problem wasn't as prevalent. I completely agree with this statement though because many of the examples of "poor wording" didn't convey half of the meaning or significance that the revised sentence did.


Richelle, remember to include a link back to the course page for this assigned text. Someone who begins with this page won't know what text you're quoting, or why you're quoting it. If you link back to the course website, where your classmates have posted their comments, then this page becomes part of a two-way connection that makes it easier for everyone to find more information.

Richelle Dodaro said:

Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Jerz!

Incidentally, Richelle, I just did a Google search for "newswriting tips" and this page comes up fourth out of 50,000 hits.

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