Peru vs. Kathmandu

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I read the bus plunge stories that occured in Kathmandu just this year, and the one that happened in Peru. I remember reading the section on Dr. Jerz's blog where it mentioned how bus plunge stories made better fillers when the location's name was short. While reading the story from Peru, I noticed how short the story was. This definitely was a filler because of it being in Peru and it was about maybe 150 words or so, maybe less. The story from Kathmandu was a little longer, and seemed more like a news story. The one similarity I noticed was that both involved around 20 deaths.


Jessie Krehlik said:

I thought the Peru story was pretty brief too. It really didn't have much information in it at all either. Did you notice that the author repeated the same information twice? What's up with that? It still had some good news in it-such as the mortality rate and such, but it didn't say much else, like why the accident occured, or why it was important to mention TWICE that two people were dutch and one was colombian...

Richelle Dodaro said:

Yeah, i noticed they repeated some of the information twice as well. And I agree, it did not cover all of the important information.

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