Poor baby ducks

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The way the writer described the baby duck at the beginning made me feel so bad for it when you realize that that's just to show the reader they use pure, organic meat as well. I'm glad that there are restaurants out there that care about what goes into it's customers' bodies, but the opening lines about the ducks just made me feel like I wasn't going to be reading about the quality of restaurant food. It definitely got me interested in the article, so I would say it was a good lead. It's also good to know restaurants like hers are beginning to really care about the quality of their food not only for their sake, but for the customers' sake as well. 


Derek Tickle said:

It is amazing how readers can interpret something in a news article or profile. What if someone hated ducks? Would they feel bad for the ducks? There always seems to be two sides to a story, but I really liked how you began with your feelings towards the ducks and then transitioned into the restaurant. I don't think that many restaurant owners are concerned mostly about making a profit. If you get a good owner, then they would be concerned about money, the customers, and the quality of their food.

Good Job!

Wendy Scott said:

I agree Richelle wasn't it sad! I mean to think further into all the food that is wasted these days, but the animals that are slaughtered for us to even be able to waste that meat is ridiculous. Though in reference to your blog post I think it is a great thing that in our world today people are taking into account such actions and reflecting them to save the life of animals even that poor ducky. Im into the organic vibe though I like eating healthy.

Jennifer Prex said:

I wasn't sure what the article was going to be about from the lead either. I agree, though, that it was a good way to get the reader interested.

Richelle Dodaro said:

Thanks Derek! Yeah I like to eat healthy too, Wendy, but I agree it still made me feel bad! Hopefully since these restaurant owners are caring about the quality of the food, then they are also caring about the treatment of these animals that are able to provide such nutrients to people.

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