"War, Crime, Disaster": Unforgettable, Extraordinary vs. the same thing over and over

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"Much of the news is repetitive: war, crime, disaster. The goal, both in the lead and in the rest of the story, is to stress those angles that are least like the routine of other stories in this class" (Cappon, 27).

This has always been my outlook on news: that it is all the same, just different days and years and people. Maybe this is so because I haven't read good news writing, or I just haven't taken the time to really read it. I think both are the case. Anyway, my goal in this news writing course has been and is to take these typical news stories and make them my own, make them distinguishable. That's why this quote stuck out to me so much. I see news as the same things repeating themselves (which is one of the reasons I didn't understand why a "bus plunge" story would be a filler) in a sense, and I want to take stories and make them different, which this chapter is encouraging.

I'm not trying to say that every news story is the same and that there aren't some that are extraordinary and truly unforgettable; because that has happened. This may seem redundant but its details, the people, the circumstances is what makes it so different. And sometimes the event itself doesn't even make it unforgettable; how the story is presented can also make the story become memorable and unique.  

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