Why a filler?

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I think that it is kind of unethical to use a "bus plunge" story as a filler, even if they had little or no technology. This accident is a tragedy however you look at it. I don't understand why it would be considered a filler anyway. If a bus does plunge over something, shouldn't it be considered a actual news story? I don't think it matters if it's happened so many times because don't robberies and murders occur all the time too? These make the news and I haven't heard of them being used as fillers. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really don't find anything humorous about bus plunge stories.


Jessie Krehlik said:

I agree! While I was reading about bus plunges, I kept thinking that it's still considered news even if it is a filler. I think the term "filler" comes into play when you look at how many relevant facts are actually in the bus plunge articles. They're very short, and I've noticed that the articles seem to include some almost unnecessary information. But you're right, the humor escapes me too--there's nothing funny about death.

Cody Naylor said:

I kind of see where you are coming from, but I have to disagree. I like the idea of short, to-the-point articles... even if they were used a filler... plus I think that the creative headlines that people could come up with for bus plunge stories have a lot of humorous potential. I know I am sounding completely insensitive though and I apologize for that...

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