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Reading this text on editorials was very helpful because I used to just think that editorials were for people to simply express opinions and/or complain. An editorial should not complain, which makes sense because anyone can complain about things. I like the fact that editorials do include facts, and that one should use those facts to support their opinions. It reminds me more of academic writing since one chooses a topic and uses quotes or facts to support their thesis. Editorial writing personally seems more enjoyable to me rather than factual, news writing, even though editorials are included under news writing. 


Andrew Wichrowski said:

That's something I also tried to express in my blog entry, The Ideal v. Reality:


While a good editorial will make an attempt to be accurate and fair, your original perception about editorials was accurate. Since editorials aren't held to the same standards as hard news stories, much more slips through the cracks.

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