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"Reporters should work on developing 'fairness skills' "(Haiman 59).

This idea of developing "fairness skills" was both striking and funny to me. As a journalist, it definitely is important to be fair because many people with different kinds of values and beliefs, as mentioned in the text, read the stories. For example, the story about the Buffalo Soliders provoked happy reactions from African-Americans, whereas Native Americans were disgusted by the praise these soldiers were given. Both sides had legitimate points, but it just goes to show that a "good" story is only good depending on who reads it, some of the time. This quote was funny to me because as adults, you would think that we have already developed "fairness skills" It just sounds like such an elementary term. However, the idea of fairness may differ slightly in journalism. I'm sure the idea isn't far off, though, from what "fairness skills" mean in general.


Aja Hannah said:

This reminds me of how I felt about neeed to learn sensitivity. As part of a Native American though, I was slightly angry at the way the Bufalo story was framed, but then I realized it was framed and this was the point. Then again as an African American, I can see the postive side or "good" side too.

Richelle Dodaro said:

That's a good point that you make, Aja, about the sensitivity issue. The journalist definitely should have kept in mind how the Native Americans might react. This might show that the reporter had little knowledge of the event or else maybe they would not have praised the Buffalo Soldiers so much. It's interesting and insightful to have your opinion since you are both Native and African American.

Dianna Griffin said:

Richelle and Aja, you both make good points. Not only should a journalist be sensitive to issues such as race, but also issues that deal with people's emotions in general. Earlier in the course we discussed a story about someone's dead dog. Even though it was kind of funny, the journalist should have been sensitive to the owner's feelings.

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