Distractions, Not Useful Help from the Internet

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This webpage, Wired, immediately overwhelmed me and I didn't know which article to click on. It'd be different if there were several links with a preview of the content of the article because then you wouldn't be bombarded with tons of links and colors, as Angela mentioned in her blog. It was all just too much. Everything on the site was clickable! Personally, this annoys me and I'm not one to typically enjoy clicking through links and reading. I'd rather read an actual book. This webpage just really made me realize even more how the internet truly has taken over. The title of the webpage was excellent because it really did make you feel "wired," as Angela also said. Jeanine made a good point in her blog about how links should be kept to a minimum and that they should get straight to the point. I totally agree. Another thing I'd like to mention is that links within readings just distract me from my thoughts and my reading comprehension. The highlighted and underlined word is distracting and makes me stop to think, "Maybe I should click on it?" There needs to be a balance, and with this site, there was none. The only good thing I can say is that it had useful links that led you back to the homepage; and for people who do like to just skim titles or headlines to see if the story will interest them, then this is the site for them.

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