Good Information and Reminders, not Great Webpage

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The information displayed on this webpage was useful for me because I didn't know that you shouldn't put things like yogurt containers in the recycle bin. When the text mentioned the blue barrels, it made me think of my borough and how they recycle because our bins used to be a forest green color, and now they're the blue color. I liked how the forest green blended in with the environment, now the blue just really sticks out. However, that may be the purpose. I clicked on the link of what can be recycled in the city of Tucson and I really liked how images were displayed along the descriptions. It made the information much more lasting in my mind. I'm not sure if it was just my computer, but the page seemed cut off. Also, there was no link to go back to the homepage, which was a little frustrating. The video took very long to load, even after I finished reading the text beside it. I liked the idea of the video because you could really see how it all works.

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