In Their Hands

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I watched the video about the inmates at a prision in South Carolina who play with decks of cards that have missing people and unsolved homicide victims and faces on them. The idea of this just sent chills through my body because of physically seeing how many there were and the fact that the hope for this project is that one or more of the inmates will remember something that can help solve one or more of cases. It's a "constant reminder" for them, as said by one of the mothers whose son was murdered at 24. I think this is an interesting project, and even though none of the cases have been solved through it, I think someday one will. These cards aren't only in this South Carolina prision; they're in 28 prisions in the country. Many anonymous tips have been given, but nothing has been solved. Throughout time, one of the cases has to be solved. These cards are constantly in the hands of people who obviously are associated with crime. Someday, I hope the memory of some of the inmates is jogged and a loved one can be found or their  death can bring about some closure to the family. However, that's not to say that maybe none of the inmates won't know anything. This project is just so interesting and chilling. The whole idea of prisoners playing a game with the faces of lost ones and murdered in their hands is what makes it so chilling. I'm really glad I chose to watch this particular video and to have learned about this.   


Jeanine O'Neal said:

I posted this on Diana Griffin's blog, but it applies to you too:

When you talked about the inmates and playing cards in class, I was instantly reminded of this page I read a while ago:

You have to scroll down to #5.

What I just linked to was published online August 21, I was a little upset at how slow The New York Times was at getting this story out.

Aja Hannah said:

You mention they have to solve one case. Do you mean that it is such a big program that you feel someone must know something somwhere? Or that if they don't solve one case, the program will be discontinued?

Richelle Dodaro said:

Yea, I meant that it is such a big program that I'm sure someone must know something. I could be wrong, though.

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