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"Invite citizens from minority groups to the office to talk about coverage. Better yet, hold those meetings in communities where it may be more convenient for the residents to attend. Consider adding some minority community members as resources to the staff team doing the audit. Several newspapers now are inviting readers to attend the daily news meeting to offer reactions and comments on proposed and budgeted stories and to join in the discussion about story play" (Haiman 51-52).

I definitely agree with this suggestion from the section that deals with minorities and communities. Alot of the times, minority groups feel as though they are left out of the news and don't have a say. Or, they feel as though their group or groups are constantly in the news but don't have a say in what goes into the newspapers, in terms of reactions and comments. However, I believe that all community members should be invited to meetings because they also make up the voice of the community. After reading Dianna's blog, I agree that an even bigger issue can arise with the focus being on minority groups rather than those in "majority" groups. This quote could be perceived in several ways depending on context. If all community members are typically invited, and minority groups are being encouraged to attend as well, then that's different. But, if only minority groups are invited, then that presents a case for discrimination all over again.


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