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I can't believe that it is the end of this course, let alone the semester! It's been a great experience in terms of new knowledge and writing styles. I definitely have been able to incorporate the clear, concise, relevant, etc. style of news writing to my academic writing. It's definitely important to be specific and clear when writing academically, so this helped me foster these skills. This course has been a challenge in some ways for me because it's something I was not used to. Overall, it has been helpful to me.


Invite the Whole Community - in this blog, I discuss why it is important to invite the community to local meetings regarding the news.

Like the Movies - I compare investigative journalism to the movies, and explain why I would not want to work in this kind of field.

In Their Hands - I blogged about the video from The New York Times website that featured inmates from a South Carolina prison playing with cards that had faces of people involved in unsolved homicides or missing reports.

All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - I talked about the connection between the news and sensitivity.

Good Information and Reminders, not Great Webpage - I discuss a website that displays information about recycling and garbage.

Distractions, Not Useful Help from the Internet - I explain why the "Wired" website is not helpful and an eyesore.

Flashback - I compare The Harvard Crimson to The New York Times.

Attention-grabber to boring and without balance - I discuss the Cavalier Daily.

Freedom of Press is like talking with your friends - I blogged about why freedom in the press is important, but also discuss its disadvantages.


In Their Hands

Like the Movies

Freedom of Press is like talking with your friends

Distractions, not Useful Help from the Internet


The Backbone of Investigative Journalism

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Some comic-book wisdom for the ages

The Danger of Preconception


All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - Aja commented on this blog of mine, and I responded to her comment.

Like the Movies - Derek, Angela, Greta, and Wendy commented on my blog.

In Their Hands - Jeanine and Aja commented on my blog.


Like the Movies

All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Good information and reminders, not great webpage

Distractions, not useful help from the Internet

Freedom of Press is Like talking with your Friends

Xenoblogging - The Link Gracious

Distractions, not useful help from the Internet - One of Angelas's wording helped me to understand how the website we observed made me feel.

Freedom of Press is like Talking with Your Friends - Jeanine's blog provoked a thought for me.


Like the Movies

Freedom of press is like talking with your friends

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Before I wrote my blog, I read Jeanine's blog and the comments left on hers and it really made me understand why I sometimes get so annoyed with newspapers. I'm not sure if I feel like newspapers and news media aren't necessary because I do want to know what's going on around me. Word of mouth, as Jeanine mentioned, definitely does help us become informed, to a certain extent, though. It makes me think of the game "telephone" we would play in gradeschool. Once you got to the last person, the story was almost completely off. I just wanted to talk about that briefly.

Regarding the Haiman reading, the argument over the freedom of the press is very interesting to me because to me, freedom of the press reflects our own personal freedom of speech. We have opinions; we are biased; we have different interests. Those facts are what, obviously, makes all the unique journalists who may upset or please the next person who reads their article or editorial. Isn't that how our daily speech is? We like what our friends say, sometimes we don't We shouldn't beat them up over it (figuratively speaking, of course).

However, I understand there is a difference between freedom of the press and how we freely speak with those around us. With newspaper, TV, etc. more people with more views and experiences are reading and viewing it. Someone is bound to be offended. The only way that I can say the press has too much freedom is if they print stories with facts that are false. We discussed this issue in class awhile ago. Even if it was unintentional for these false facts to be published, they still were, which will most likely outrage some people. Overall, I don't have much of a problem with the news. Maybe it's because I really don't pay attention to it unless it has something to do with this class. One last thing, after reading this, the press definitely should have responsibilities. Newspapers, news stations, etc. are businesses, and as with other businesses, they serve a purpose and have specific responsibilites.   

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