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Okay, so my blog entry is on the whole exert from when the narrator had smoked a reefer cigarette in the prologue. Okay, so all of us being in college know what reefer is and if you don't well it's a drug. Anyways, the whole exert is that of a dream like state. I found that it was more of a nightmare more than anything. What astounded me though, was the line "Git out of here, you fool! Is you ready to commit treason?"(10) Now I have read the book before in one of my Honors English classes and already know what this is referring to, but just out of the sense that I never did read it, how is one going to commit treason? What was the motive that Ellison, told us this line before hearing of the narrator's 'curse'? Perhaps, Ellison is trying to get at something with the mother of the seven boys. Perhaps it is his grandmother or great grandmother speaking to him and warning him of dangers to come. Just my thought on the exert and its meaning. I'm not as good at close reading as others in the class and maybe someone has some insights into this?

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