Reading Between the Lines

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This entry is to serve as a Portfolio for the blogs I have written for American Literature 1915-Present (EL267). The purpose of this Portfolio is to organize my entries to date into the following categories: Coverage, Timeliness, Interactions, Depth, and Discussions. This Portfolio allows me to view the progress I have made, and the knowlegde I have aquired up to this point in EL267 at Seton Hill University.

The following links are a sample of blog entries that included direct quotes (with sources), and links to comments from other students.

Symbolically Simple
Love Again?
Biblical Inspiration

The following links are a sample of blog enteries that were posted on time (by early morning, the Friday the entry is due). All entries, except two, to this point have been considered timely, and are posted on the Thursday evenings.

Let's Start Fresh
Tired Of The Desired
It's All About The Smile
Reading Literature Like A Professor

The following are a sample of blog enteries that showed interaction between my classmates, and myself, through comments on my enteries. At first, I was not aware that I should respond to comments from my peers, but have since been posting timely responses to their comments.

Are You Smarter Than A Joad?
'Tis The Season
Love Again?
Bad Driving Is Bad (Interaction between my classmates)

The following links are to enteries I felt contained depth of knowledge on a topic, or depth in my personal feelings towards a piece of literature.

Are You Smarter Than A Joad?
Pardone The Interuption

The following are links to enteries of my classmates. On these blogs, I left comments that contributed to a conversation or topic being discussed.

Christopher Duffala "Prision Walls and Scrap Piles"
Julianne Banda "Fishing for Compliments?



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