March 20, 2005

My Driving Ability

Whoa! I really think the day that the DMV gave my the power to drive on my own someone wasn't paying attention! So I went out with one of my friends to Eat N Park in Latrobe tonight. Drank alot of cappucino, it was yummy! Then we are getting ready to leave and freezing cause it was like zero degrees in Eat N Park so I'm fumbling with my keys get my door open and start the car. I'm laughing and having fun I can't get my freakin car to go into drive I keep missing it and putting it in 3rd! If a cop had seen me I'm sure he may have assumed I had a few...sadly I was sober as a stone ;-)

So finally get the heat on and car in drive and go! As I pull forward my car goes over this big bump...then up then down. I stop the car and laughing til it hurts think I just drove over one of those little stoppers they us to seperate spaces, well wait until I turn the bend. I drove completely over the sidewalk at Eat N Park, this happened for a very good reason too, I couldn't see the sidewalk. :-) I couldn't stop laughing, in amazement none the less. My car sits pretty low and I seriously should have gotten stuck! Once back at school I examine my car...all the pieces still there. :-)
Also I must mention on Wednesday I hit the guardrail coming out of the parking lot! Theres a teeny mark on my car. :-) So when you see the red Sunfire with beads and feathers hanging from the mirror I suggest you get out of the way!

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I am odd...thats something new!

Oddly Intermediate
You scored 66% Beginner, 86% Intermediate, 68% Advanced, and 50% Expert!
You have a good understanding of intermediate level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of the intermediate level questions correct. The puzzling part of your test result is the fact that you only answered 75% or less correct in the beginner section. Fascinating.

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 8% on Beginner

You scored higher than 14% on Intermediate

You scored higher than 5% on Advanced

You scored higher than 3% on Expert
Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on Ok Cupid

Ok, so does this mean like that I have no common sense but I understand diffucult things? Haha anyways I knew I would at least do decent but then again I should brush up on my English, there's something new. Maybe the fact that I have absolutly no knowledge of English language and grammar is telling me that I need to:
A) try the high school/elemetry school thing all over again
B) Find a new major...any suggestions?

As the years go past sometimes I think I am really loosing brain cells...where do they all go??

On a side note I took the Swear Work usage test just to see if I swear to much
You scored 19 relevance and 8 creativity!
that was my score, so ya I swear alot I'm just not creative about it! :-)
Now I feel I must wash my mouth out with soap.

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We come to an end...

You know just when I think I liked this book and this woman it ended. I have finished Eats, Shoots and Leaves over the weekend. Now the goal may have been to teach me better grammar, which may have happened. The brutal beginning just struck me down to where I didn't not want to read, once over the comma hump, I think this chapter still did not sink in. Then through the hurdle of semi-colons and colons, a section I would like to read again so maybe I can pick up on somethings. Finally, I hit some puncuation that I like, EXCALMATION POINTS and question marks. I am notorious for combinding both of these because I ask such crazy question they need emphasis.

I personally thought this section wasn't as brutal because most people understand the use of punctuation like this. That is except when quotation and paratheses are involved. I never knew any of the parathese rules, I thought it just went at the end of the sentence, same with the quotations. I do love to use these marks but I don't think I use them to much in dialouge. Good or bad who knows, I don't really like dialouge to much anymore, unless it's internal.

As the book came to a close and Truss began to talk of the other interesting marks we use and have created, for example smileys :-) I began to think that maybe she isn't such a literary psycho that she just comes down harsh because she is trying to educate about 85% of the world. I think that could put some pressure on someone, so sure I would be a little cranky myself. I know not everyone is going to pick up this book, but next time I see an obvious error I may suggest it. Hopefully I'll be able to fix all my errors and learn because I think I'm going to slowly work my way back through this book and try a little harder that was Truss can feel happy knowing that one person got something from this book and I'm gonna be a walking advertisment!

Maybe next she could write a book on improving your spelling ;-)

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Those things!

I am not a Semicolon user which is where Truss starts us out in Airs and Graces in the next selection from Eats, Shoots and Leaves. I do not use semi colons very often, heck I normally don't use colons unless I'm making a list. I was never very fond of these marks of puncuation I'm more of a dash or ellipsis. I will say that I did get a good education from this chpater, I enjoyed the history of the colon and semi colon. I think I have anatomy, which I don't even currently take, on the mind because every time the word colon was there I kept thinking of the organ. I read something else recently and got very confused- now that's a word for me for that commonly confused word test. Anyway on with the show...

I would like to thank Val for her entry on ellipsis, cause hey I didn't know they had a name. I am notorious for the use of the three little dots, as well. They just make it much easier than putting in a comma or something, they leave space to think and...well....I just enjoy them! For no reason either they just make me feel happy, not like they make me look smart which I would love. Not to mention the dash-ha ha! sometimes I like this little guy and I am very aware that I use this incorrectly as well. They just seem like fun puncuation and I mean where and when did anyone ever learn the rules for these? Heck I didn't even know the dots had a name! So I was really interested in this section there was just so much to learn!

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Who throws a party like that??

After reading Mansfield's the "Garden Party" I have appreciation for my social status. This was also section 27 in Foster's book How to Read Literature which this may have given me some insight. On with the story first my first reaction when I read this was, what a spoiled little biotch! My goodness, at first I thought Laura wasn't like many of the other characters who were just interested in the party. Her brother Laurie (this kind of freaked me out...isn't Laurie a girl's name?) seemed to me like the type of guy who would have stood by his sister and said cancell the party. I do think though it is significant that they did go through with the party for some reasons.

At the end when Laura takes the basket to Mrs. Scott and they take her to see the dead man as she looks at him, she realizes that he is in a better place. He is not worried about hats and parties like she is. This made me think back to the working men at the beginning of the story, first the short chubby one tells her to hang the marquee over the trees that Laura thinks are so beautiful. Hiding their beauty does not affect her party. Second she notices the one worker who smells the lavendar, he is taking a moment from life to enjoy something other than work, just how she sees the man in the end, not worried about the major things but the minor.

I wasn't to fond of the end through, for it being considered such a wonderful short story, it was a very abrupt ending. I know Foster talks about how when this woman has a chance she doesn't want to help those in need but she does. Secondly she is walking through the mean little cottages (did you ever see the Morty movies or did anyone else picture like a possesd Little Red Riding Hood?) and they are described very dark and dirty showing that these people are of no comparision to her and her shiny velvet hat, that is making her feel out of place. Then she is in the house and trying to leave then all the sudden it's as if she must see the body but it last so briefly. When I try to picture stories in my mind,I'm very visual, I see this scene lastly a very long time. You don't just stare at a dead body for 10 seconds and see the beauty in it then run. Not just that but when she speaks to her brother about it I think all of the audience understands or has their own version of life isn't, but still very aburpt ending.

One finally question......
How long was she really in this place with the mean cottages and why did her brother come down?

My personal side note, I don't think their party sounded that great even though they thought it was the best. I like her friend Kitty's idea about putting the frog looking band around the pond. Maybe I'm not high class enough but if I wanted to go walk around someone's garden for the day, I would just go to Phipps and pay to take pretty pictures too!

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