Do they mean more or are they just a love?

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"As I sit at my window this summer afternoon, hawks are circling about my clearing; the tantivty of wild pigeons, flying by two and three athwart my view, or perching restless on the white pine boughs behind my house..." (ch. 4-5)

It seems like Thoreau is drawn to the birds because of his need to be in nature. The birds are free and live the simple life that he wrote about in the previous chapter. So does he just love birds or does he write about them because they fly free?


It may also spring from his desire to be free from something - humanity would be my guess, or rather industrialism I suppose. He continually describes nature and what people have done to ruin it, how we should thrive in the natural state of things. Perhaps he sees birds as a vessel for this change. They can see what others cannot. They can be free when others cannot. I'm not really sure though, this is very thought provoking!

Jennifer Prex said:

It may be a little of both, or it may even be that that's was such a big part of his life there that he wrote about them. There's no way of truly knowing for sure.

Sarah Durham said:

You both make great points. Walden is very thought provoking, and Jen you make a good point that the birds may just have been such a big part of his life that he felt he needed to write about them. Maybe it was his time that he spent secluded in nature that developed his love and caused his bad opinions on how people ruined nature.

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