Every trip is a quest...

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Every trip is a quest and "the real reason for a quest is always self-knowledge." When I read this the first time I thought of all of the stories I've  heard or all of the movies I've seen where I knew the end of the story before it was over. And how boring it made everything.
Now that we have read a few stories I am able to look at them as a whole and see the journey's that have been taken. For Prince Prospero it was a journey trying to get away from death, but in the end he learned that he could not escape that may be why he chased Death. Young Goodman Brown, took more of a difficult journey questioning his faith and path he was supposed to take. He was tested and seemed to be almost convinced until at the last minute he chose in a sense to stay good, but for Brown there was no typical happy ending because Faith failed her journey. Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter gave us several journeys to follow, for Hester living out her sentence and finding a life within it, for Pearl becoming a successful and happy woman in spite of the troubling childhood, Dimmesdale for suffering through keeping his secret and finding some peace in the end, and Chillingworth becoming more and more dark and vengeful as his journey continued. The journey followed in Bartleby is really of the narrator living the interactions with Bartleby and learning, in the end, almost to not judge a book by its cover.
These journeys are of all different characters that experience very different challenges and struggles, but we can still learn that they all learned something. They aren't just stories but lessons that we can all take something from.

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