For me literature must be felt not only read

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"Reading literature is a highly intellectual activity, but it also involves affect and instinct to a large degree. Much of what we think about literature, we feel first." (p. 106)

When reading something, to remain interested, I not only feel the feelings of the characters but see the picture the author is trying to depict through the words. In Young Goodman Brown I watched him walk through the dark woods, which looked a lot like those where Hester and Dimmesdale finally spoke. But being able to see the story enables me to get into the life the characters are living. You feel the frustration when Bartleby won't leave and prefers not to do something. You worry about Pearl and Dimmesdale with Hester, and are fearful of what Chillingworth will do next.
Whether you want to our not you feel something when you read literature, good, bad or nothing. That's what the author wants you to do, literature if for enjoyment, education and entertainment.

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