Wholly original? Shakespeare? The Bible?

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"There's no such thing as a wholly original work of literature." (p 29) Or really much else for that matter. Like Foster stated before there is always a quest for self-knowledge for the characters in a story. So we tend to see similar story lines in all forms of entertainment, such as movies and television shows. Sometimes these stories can be so similar there is not interest, sometimes they can be different enough that there is still some entertainment. Also if there is a familiarity about the story we generally try to search our memory of what story we heard it in before, and like Foster points out, "When in doubt its Shakespeare or the Bible."
After reading these chapters I found myself trying to apply the memories I have of all of theses stories to those we are reading in class and the lessons or moral being told in the movies and T.V. shows of today. Thinking about the stories from the bible that teach how we should behave and the relationships found in Shakespeare, made me think about this: Do we act a certain way or have certain social standards because someone made them or because it has been written in literature again and again and put into T.V. shows where we many young individuals find their idols and examples?

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