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"There came a day at summer's full entirely for me;
I thought that such were for the saints, where revelations be."

A day just for me. Is Dickinsons saying we aren't entitled to a day to ourselves, that we haven't done enough good or worked hard enough to be given a whole day? It may seem like a small thing, but ask yourself, when is the last time you had an entire day to do whatever you wanted. No plans, no commitments, no emergencies or even basic tasks that we don't even count. Maybe entire days are meant only for saints, we simply don't have the time.


Meagan Gemperlein said:

I wonder if she if refering to saints in the religious sense or she's calling people who take time for themselves saints? Maybe she doesn't have that much time for themselves and she's sainting people that do make time just for them. So they are the people who have "revelations". In other words, they are the people who take the time to think about important things in their life?

It's a stretch, but I think it could work.

Sarah Durham said:

I think it could definitely work. To me the title alone, made me jealous to think I could have a day just for me. I think she could be referring to those who have taken time or who have time available to reflect on life's daily happenings.

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