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"Topsy: No none on'em -- never had nothing nor nobody. I's brack -- no one loves me!
Eva: Oh! Topsy, I love you! I love you because you haven't had any father, or mother, or friends. I love you, I want you to be good. I wish you would try to be good for my sake. Only think of if, Topsy -- you can be one of those spirits bright Uncle Tom sings about!
Topsy: Oh! dear Miss Eva -- dear Miss Eva! I will try -- I will try. I never did care nothin' about it before.
Eva: If you try, you will succeed. Come with me.
Topsy: I will try; but den, I's so wicked!" (Scene IV)

Topsy, knows she's wicked and in this scene Eva gives her a reason to start being good. As she points our through out the story, Topsy is wicked and never had parents or friends or love. She is always being wronged because she is a little black girl and its expected of here to be bad. But Eva gives her reason to be good by accepting and loving her. Although as the story continues she still speaks her mind freely simply to upset St. Clare.
As we discussed in class and many have discussed on their blogs, Topsy and Eva are similar to the good and bad of Pearl. Topsy behaving fiendishly evil and laughing about the reactions of others, and Eva being sweet and innocent, like Pearl just before she gets upset with Hester.

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