I knew, I knew it, I knew it

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"One story. Everywhere. Always. Wherever anyone puts pen to paper or hands to keyboard or fingers to lute string or quill to papyrus. They all take from and in return give it to the same story, ever since Snogg got back to the cave and told Ongk about the mastodon that got way." (p. 186)

And I'm sure that mastodon was "this big." Foster points out something I think we have all struggled with, at least I know I have for years. More so with movies, mainly because I am able to learn the beginning, middle and end all in one sitting. But  they are all the same, a Hero guy/girl is introduced not meeting their full potential. Someone or something happens or comes along and gives them new direction. A challenge comes up and things look grim for the hero. Then they come to a realization of how they were being stubborn or "blind" to something or they conquer an opponent or fear. Along the way there's some kind of gushy love story (which is even more predictable than the rest of the story). Then they all live happily every after or at least in acceptance of what has happened. Most of the time all in all, its BORING! So its incredibly important for writers to make the story exciting, using surprises and twists and humor, suspense, etc... Without those things to make it all differ, it really become all the same.

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