Science & Fairyland

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Sonnet to Science - "Who woulds't not leave him, in his wandering..."
Poe must have some respect or a deep hatred for science, as he describes all of the things science, in a sense, takes away from writers and dreamers. Because it can prove a lot of the imagination and creativity that is being dreamed up, wrong or impossible, science take the fun out of everything. It takes the fear out of things, because its been proven 98% of the time to be safe or impossible. Let's face its like Poe is competing against the Myth Busters.

Fairyland - "Now deep shall be -- O deep! The passion of our sleep! For that wide circumference In easy drapery falls Drowsily over halls-- Over ruin'd walls -- Over waterfalls, (silent waterfalls!) O're the strange woods -- o'er the sea-- Alas! Over the sea!" (p.57-58)

Is Fairyland a dreamland? The description reminds me of the feelings you can barely remember when trying to wake up from a dream. Like the silent waterfall, sometimes all of my dreams are silent, no sound at all, and you feel like you're in completely different world but in the most familiar place that encompasses everything.

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