So that's why.

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"Okay, so here's the general rule: whether it's Italy or Greece or Africa or Malaysia or Vietnam, when writers send characters south, it's so they can run amok." (p. 171)

Well I wish someone had asked me to read this earlier, but maybe I can still somehow make this excuse apply to me. I guess this is the one all of the spring breakers used, as literature and media tend to model our behaviors. But all joking aside, it makes sense in so many of the stories I've read or heard, the characters would travel, most likely south, before feeling over confident or making a poor decision and stumbling along the way. With all of the running amok comes the lesson in their journey that they must learn. So it's safe to say that running amok is something that can be expected in all characters' journeys no matter how long or short or how far south they travel.

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