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"Now hear this: irony trumps everything. Consider roads. Journeys, quest, self-knowledge. But what is the road doesn't lead anywhere, or, rather, if the traveler chooses not to take the road."

This quote reminds me of the times when you are reading a good book or watching a movie and know where the character is supposed to go but chose a different path. It's a way of keeping the interest, yes but it can be so frustrating for the reader. Sometimes a character may chose a different path because they are afraid to discover the self-knowledge a path will bring, or they already know and are afraid to admit the truth. Literature may be just the creativity and imagination of many authors but it is the real life happenings that feed their imaginations. The behaviors of those around them that help create the story on the page.


Jennifer Prex said:

I agree. Real life does hold a major influence over fiction. As Dr. Arnzen has said in some of the fiction writing classes I've taken, it's best for authors to write what they know. Well, we all know real life. Anyways, this definitely does feed into this irony--the conflict between what one should do and what one actually does. It happens all the time to all of us. Fiction often strives to seem as realistic as possible. It wouldn't be realistic if irony never came into play.

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