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"Race" is a strategy for relegating a segment of the population to a permanent inferior status. It functions by insisting that each "race" has specific, definitive, inherent behavioral tendencies and capacities which distinguish it from other races. Though scientifically specious, race has been powerfully effective as an ideology and as a form of social definition that serves the interests of Euro-American hegemony." (p. 358)

It's disturbing how true we as humans have allowed this to become. Certain behaviors are linked to certain races, not just a certain kind of person. Why? Race does segment the population in the social classes and status. We have advanced so much in every other area why not the opinions and stereotypes linked to race?


Meagan Gemperlein said:

I think that racism is just so embedded in our culture, it's had to change and get rid of. I mean sometimes no matter how hard you try, you make judgements on race. There is a song in the musical Avenue Q called "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" that is funny but has some good points! There's a link below if you are interested or have never heard of it


Michelle Siard said:

I agree with both of you that racism is a part of life no matter how much we wish it wasn't. It's hard to get rid of something that has been with us for so long. I also feel that everyone is racist even if we try not to be. It just seems to be how we interact with each other.

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