"There's more honor"

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"Unlike Huck's experience of play and of life in general, Tom's sort of life, what I will call the "boy-play world," could only exist within the society Twain is critiquing. Yet, describing Tom's play as self-gratifying should not suggest that it must necessarily work to a negative effect or function solely as critique."

As I read through the interactions of Tom and Huck it always seemed that Tom was always having a negative effect. Tom's part of the story seems to be a "boy-play world," where he acts on his playful selfish whims, but that is only my opinion.


Jeremy Barrick said:

Tom is in fact selfish as we have seen in the book. The critical point in the story, I feel, for Tom is when he gets shot. The made -up adventure he deploys almost gets him killed. Sort of on the karma side.

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