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"There's more honor"

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"Unlike Huck's experience of play and of life in general, Tom's sort of life, what I will call the "boy-play world," could only exist within the society Twain is critiquing. Yet, describing Tom's play as self-gratifying should not suggest that it must necessarily work to a negative effect or function solely as critique."

As I read through the interactions of Tom and Huck it always seemed that Tom was always having a negative effect. Tom's part of the story seems to be a "boy-play world," where he acts on his playful selfish whims, but that is only my opinion.


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"Race" is a strategy for relegating a segment of the population to a permanent inferior status. It functions by insisting that each "race" has specific, definitive, inherent behavioral tendencies and capacities which distinguish it from other races. Though scientifically specious, race has been powerfully effective as an ideology and as a form of social definition that serves the interests of Euro-American hegemony." (p. 358)

It's disturbing how true we as humans have allowed this to become. Certain behaviors are linked to certain races, not just a certain kind of person. Why? Race does segment the population in the social classes and status. We have advanced so much in every other area why not the opinions and stereotypes linked to race?


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"Now hear this: irony trumps everything. Consider roads. Journeys, quest, self-knowledge. But what is the road doesn't lead anywhere, or, rather, if the traveler chooses not to take the road."

This quote reminds me of the times when you are reading a good book or watching a movie and know where the character is supposed to go but chose a different path. It's a way of keeping the interest, yes but it can be so frustrating for the reader. Sometimes a character may chose a different path because they are afraid to discover the self-knowledge a path will bring, or they already know and are afraid to admit the truth. Literature may be just the creativity and imagination of many authors but it is the real life happenings that feed their imaginations. The behaviors of those around them that help create the story on the page.

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