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"The general principle is to carry the reader from simplicity to complexity." Williams, page 69

Williams principle noted above really shouldn't be all that fascinating. In fact, it's great philosophy to take to just about any teaching or learning environment. When we first learn anything, we start with the basics and gradually introduce ourselves to the more complex concepts later on in the process. So then why is the concept so difficult to grasp in our writing?

I think part of the reason people overlook this basic idea is because their writing is so much fuller with details and the like that they feel they need to put it all out there first and then explain it later. People often want to display how much they know in their writing without explaining to the reader what their actually writing about. For the experienced and highly educated mind this might not seem like a big deal but for the average Joe this won't work. People need to keep in mind that unless it's common knowledge it's probably going to need some well structure sentences to explain it.

This chapter was similar to several that preceded it in that it more or less reaffirmed something I already knew but didn't focus on enough. It's kind of funny because I always apply this principle to my academic work only on a grander scale. Every paragraph I write starts out with a simple introduction of the topic with the next several sentences building onto it until a comprehensive and logical conclusion wraps it all up. However, I doubt that I often micromanage my writing enough to employ the same philosophy to each individual sentence within the paragraph. Essentially, the paragraphs will contain the necessary buildup but the contents of that buildup can be muddied together because the sentences don't follow the same rule.

While all this focusing might appear too trivial and time consuming on the surface, it has legitimate value especially in situations where words must be carefully chosen. All of Williams' principles should be absorbed thus far with the cyclical reminder that your writing isn't meant solely for you but for others to read as well.

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