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I went through the ebook, at least I think that's what I'm supposed to be calling it, entitled "Girls Day Out." There was no particular reasoning behind selecting this work. I like to think that a person can still never judge a book by its cover even if there are no more traditional books. In a word, though, I found the experience fascinating, and that's not an overstatement in any way.

Perhaps I just am that old-fashioned. I'm very used to and comfortable with the traditional book; turning the pages in suspense, translating the words on the pages to vibrant and imaginative images in my head and even just holding the book in my hands and marking the point where I stop. That feeling will never escape me and I doubt it will ever disappear even as the book continues to evolve. But there was just something very neat and powerful about the book itself grabbing your focus to whatever points or characters it wanted me to see.

My favorite passage in "Girls Day Out" was the poem section. Upon first glance it was very unorthodox. In fact, if I didn't first click on the word poem I probably could not have identified it as such. It was basically one long fragment filled paragraph that told an unusual short story that was difficult to fully comprehend. After I finished reading, I clicked the cursor on the text as that was the only option available to turn the page if you will.

At this point, I was becoming rapidly turned off at this whole electronic book idea. What happened upon turning the page, however, also completely turned around my opinion. The text faded out almost completely save for a few words to reveal the climactic phrase of the poem followed by its dedication, usually found at the beginning of traditional books. The poem instantly made sense and was very profound, and the way the author presented that to me I thought was both creative and incredibly effective.

Maybe this ebook thing will go somewhere after all.

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