What in God's Green Earth is a Memex???

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Wow. My only educated guess is that this Memex thing may have been an incredibly early version of Wikipedia. After watching that video, I really hope that's what the whole idea is about because otherwise I'm more lost than a polar bear in the African wilderness. I mean, if it is the first ever Wikipedia idea and it's from 1946 than it is, in the words of Dick Vitale, "Awesome baby, with a capital A!"

But in all seriousness, I cannot definitively say with any confidence that I have a clue what Vannevar Bush is talking about. I don't even know if it's Vannevar Bush who's talking! For one of those rare moments in my life, and yes Tiffany it's an incredibly rare moment that I can't stress enough, I am utterly and hopelessly lost with this whole thing. I really want to say it's cool and that I totally know what I'm going to be talking about in Tuesday afternoon's class, but most likely I'll just be blowing wind out my ass, figuratively speaking of course. For that, I do sincerely apologize.

As a result, I'm just going to attempt to focus on the positives of his idea and assume, for better or for worse, that it really is the fetus of Wikipedia. In this instance, Bush is a genius. Is it weird that I get an odd chill down the back of my spine saying that a person with the last name of Bush is a genius? Probably.


Tyler J. Carter said:

Wow,excellent work. A bit conservative in the title. I would like to have seen brighter language used in describing how you feel.

Erica Gearhart said:

I disagree with you about Bush being a genius on my blog, but your excited writing here makes me want to take your side. It really must be the best blog ever.

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