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December 6, 2005

Death of a Salesman (Finish)

Linda: ...Willy I made the last payment on the house today. Today, dear. And there'll be nobody home. (A sob rises in her throat.) Were free and clear. (Sobbing mournfully, released.) Were free. (Biff comes slowly toward her.) Were free...Were free...

The last line of the play is painfully sad. Its that sort of dramatic irony that always leads to a great ending. The only thing Willy ever wanted to accomplish he could only accomplish in death. The flashbacks give the play even more of an empty feeling at the end because you see the house the way it was when Biff and Happy were younger. They were always full of energy and were excited with each coming day. Now the house will be empty for Linda and even more lonely then when Willy would leave on his trips.

Posted by SeanRunt at December 6, 2005 4:30 PM

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