Movie Versus Reality: The Truth About The Social Network10/21/10

The Social Network is about a website which has defined how we interact with each other. A majority of us have a Facebook: our pictures, religious views and even relationship status on display for all of our friends, actual friends or just “Facebook friends”, to peruse. 

10 Free iPad Apps10/21/10

A list of ten free apps to help students procrastinate.

Aja's Viral October Vids10/21/10

A list of the hottest viral videos you should have seen by October. If you haven’t, I won’t tell anyone. Just look them up on YouTube.

Five Greatest iPad Cases10/21/10

Here is a list of the five best iPad cases.

Movie Review: Case 3910/21/10

"They like to cast me for scary roles. I think it's because they want you to be scared, but also to like the little girl" says Jodelle Ferlandis, quoted from on, who plays Lilith Sullivan in one of the most anticipated horror movies of the season: "Case 39".

Pointing out some popular student apps09/30/10

Students enjoy their iPads for the thousands of applications in both entertainment and education. However, students say that not only do their iPads become a distraction for them, but seeing other students in class playing games distracts them as well.

Sipping it at the American Coffee Shop09/30/10

The American Coffee Shop, located at 112 North Main Street in downtown Greensburg, is a place to make one ask how Greensburg survived in the years before March 2006, when this coffee shop came into being.