Dear Seton Hill, I cannot wait to be an alumna. Love Chels11/10/10

As a Seton Hill University Student Ambassador (SHUSA) I have a wonderful opportunity called Phonathon. It is a great honor to know that I am among a few students that get to talk to alumni about their memories of Seton Hill University (SHU), discuss the changes going on now, and to ultimatelyask them to donate to SHU’s annual fund. But it’s so much more than asking them for money.

Dear Seton Hill, I think it's time to start a revolution10/21/10

Alright, so "revolution" is not really the word I'm looking for since its technical definition considers violence to be a part of it, but what I have to wants no part in the violent nonsense of a revolution. Instead, let's call this a peaceful revolution.

Dear Seton Hill, sorry, but I'm a PC09/23/10

Let's get two things straight: I love Seton Hill University (SHU) and I love the new Technology Advantage Program. When I give tours to perspective students, I love seeing both their and their parent's faces light up as I let them know all the ins and outs of yet another wonderful part of SHU; a part that, quite frankly, I'm jealous of.

Watch out for the dastardly rhino and flu viruses09/23/10

Well, it looks to be that time of year again, and I do not mean Christmas. I mean that now is the time of year for rampaging rhino viruses to the common cold trample over us poor students, faculty, and staff of Seton Hill University (SHU).

Cyberbullying an increasing trend04/09/10

Everyone uses Facebook, MySpace, instant messaging and texting as forms of convenient and immediate communication. In fact, the privacy of such digital mediums are more in depth than they appear. They exploit hidden secrets of the most vulnerable at young people. Digital media has been known as the last straw for several teenagers and the reason for ending their own lives.

Harlan Gallery 11/28/08

In the back gallery of Seton Hill University’s Harlan Gallery there is a room dedicated to the stories of local women and men who were involved in the women’s movement. Their photos hang on the walls accompanied by their personal stories while a movie is projected onto the wall showing their interviews. It is an oral history multimedia project entitled “In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in Pittsburgh.”

Charlene Hunt, owner and administrator of, has been listening to the interviews and typing the project verbatim. Eventually the audio files will be archived at the University of Pittsburgh.

Redemption and perfection: The romantic hero11/28/08

Reeling from the last enstallment of the lastest book series I read to try and fill the post-Harry Potter void, I’m on a “romantic heroes of fiction” kick. Keeping in mind three particular heroes of mine (“Pride and Prejudice’s” Mr Darcy, “Twilight’s” Edward Cullen, and “Harry Potter’s” Severus Snape) I interviewed three of my friends and asked them one simple question: “Why do you like men in books?”

The responses I received were applicable to these three men: “The one’s I like are usually because of the character build, the growth you can see in a character. It could be the character you hated throughout the novel or story that can, in a chapter, become the one with the kindest heart or end up being the one you feel for the most. Or it could be a character who breaks out of their shell.”