Dress up for a hellacious Halloween, candy goodness10/21/10

This year's Halloween is fast approaching and bringing along buckets of candy, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and hordes of children on sugar-highs thanks to the aforementioned candy. But what is Halloween? To some it is the chance to get together and watch scary movies, to party while dressed in crazy outfits or the time of the year to watch out for wandering spirits of the otherworld.

Watch out for the dastardly rhino and flu viruses09/23/10

Well, it looks to be that time of year again, and I do not mean Christmas. I mean that now is the time of year for rampaging rhino viruses to the common cold trample over us poor students, faculty, and staff of Seton Hill University (SHU).

Snailmail versus e-mail02/21/09

I just logged off of Facebook and doubled-clicked on Microsoft Word 2007, which just pulled up a blank document. As I leaned back in my chair, I noticed my CA390 syllabus poking out of a folder reminding me about my online homework assignment.

An editor’s farewell...11/28/08

On my high school graduation day, if somebody had told me I'd be editor-in-chief of my university's student newspaper I probably would have laughed. Not because I didn't have the capabilities or desire, I just never saw myself in a leadership role. Here I am, two weeks from donning a cap and gown for the second time, writing as the editor of this paper for the last time to say farewell and thank you to a talented staff that I've come to rely on heavily over the past year.

To say I didn't want this position is an understatement—watching the previous editors under so much stress really deterred me. Looking back on everything, I realize now that I'm a completely different person from a year ago when I agreed to take this position, let alone since my freshman year.

Ashes to ashes: negligence of Maura “smokers” porch04/24/08
For the past four years, I have often wondered why the university allows the front porch on the second floor of Maura Hall to remain somewhat unkempt. This porch is commonly referred to as the “smoker’s porch” because it is the main gathering place for smoker’s on campus when they are between classes or taking a break from homework.

The furniture, despite the recent paint job, is old, dirty, and broken down. In fact, when meeting on the porch for class this week, my professor almost fell from attempting to sit on a chair that was, in fact, broken. The ashtrays are overflowing, and the ground of the porch is covered in cigarette butts.
The end is near - take cover04/19/08
After four years, I’m a senior and I’m finally leaving. When I had my portfolio review, I got the feeling that the school had prepared me to leave and was pushing me out the door. After all the papers, presentations, hastily thrown together reflections and meaningless PowerPoints, it’s really almost over. I think I will miss this place.

And here’s where I make my big confession: I really do like Seton Hill. It’s just that over the past few years, the minor things that shouldn’t normally get to a person have begun to itch at the back of my brain. Every place has a tendency to do that when you live, work, eat and exist all in the same acre. This place has been my home, but it becomes frustrating when Seton Hill seems like it’s growing uncontrollably.
A Moment of Truth04/17/08
In the words of Jim Morrison: "This is the end, beautiful friend, the end." The last issue of the university newspaper has reared its head from the depths of the basement of the Publications Office. Arriving into the hands of a variety of people on the campus of Seton Hill University (SHU), and perhaps eventually the garbage can?