Dear Seton Hill, sorry, but I'm a PC09/23/10

Let's get two things straight: I love Seton Hill University (SHU) and I love the new Technology Advantage Program. When I give tours to perspective students, I love seeing both their and their parent's faces light up as I let them know all the ins and outs of yet another wonderful part of SHU; a part that, quite frankly, I'm jealous of.

Discover cultural and scientific wonders off campus06/18/10

The beginning of a new semester at Seton Hill University (SHU) is on its way, bringing with it plenty of awaiting homework assignments and projects bound to need some research. Decrease your worries though, because there are plenty of areas an hour’s drive or less from SHU from which you can draw inspiration or seek out a day’s fun at. All you need is transportation or tickets (if applicable) and an interest to learn something new.

Top 10 interesting experiences traveling through Europe06/18/10

Almost everyone harbors a desire to travel overseas at some point in his or her life. I was given the opportunity to visit Spain, Portugal and France at the beginning of this summer and it was an offer I couldn't pass up. It was an experience I can't even begin to describe, but certain things made it impossible to forget that you were no longer in America.

Type up a suggestion for next year05/02/10

Have a suggestion to better improve Seton Hill University (SHU)? Want to share new ideas but don’t know who to tell? Want to voice a concern? Now it is just one click away! Thanks to our IT Department, Seton Hill Government Association (SHGA) now has a Suggestion Box located right on Griffin’s Lair. It is your choose to keep it anonymous or share your name, but if you do choice to provide your name or email, we can keep you update on the status of your request.

Spring thunderstorm shakes trees to their roots05/02/10

Just when you thought that spring had finally come to stay with the warm weather at the beginning of April, wind blew in cooler air and, in some cases, seemed like it was trying to carry people. And then came the thunderstorm of all thunderstorms that covered a good portion of Western Pennsylvania in wind and water.

Jump into Spring cleaning and battle the dust bunnies 04/09/10

As the warm weather finally comes back around to visit us, a fuzzy memory about spring-cleaning may begin to surface in the back of our mind. It is likely that throughout these past winter months you have managed to hide small piles of clothes under your bed.

Cell phone novels and novelists redefine text03/19/10

Cell phone novels originated in Japan in the 1990s. However, North America’s awareness and practice of this new combination of literature and technology grew with the expansion of cell phone novelists, such as Matthew Reeves, and the production of more advanced cell phones, such as the iPhone.