pink power

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"What the mass media reports about hazards-which ones they select for emphasis and what information they present about them-becomes crucial in shaping public perceptions of hazards and their attendant risks."  It's really sad that scientists and activists have to put a dramatic spin on facts or "offer up scary scenarios" in order for the media to report important information to the public.  Breast cancer awareness is completely out of control-and I'm saying this as a woman- I'm aware already!  We're inundated everything from pink keyrings to pink mixmasters (seriously, who's going to put that in their kitchen?) because of all the hype.  Who ever came up with the little pink ribbon campaign was a genius because it's generating huge amounts of money and that's all the way from Wall St. "These efforts have borne obvious fruits, in the form of heightened media attention and increased governmental funding for breat cancer research."  Not only are women aware, they're obsessed.  The other cancer associations need to learn a few tricks from the pink people. 

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