November 30, 2003


Friend- one attached to another by affection or esteem, an acquaintance. This definition refers to a certain person who is my best friend......

Once I arrived at Seton Hill University this year, I realized that college friendships lasts forever unlike high school ones. I built many friendships in my classes and I know I made best friends who will be there forever for me. My first friendship I built was with Susan Robertson... we gained a great friendship, but sadly she is transferring next semester.

I have always been friends with Anne Stadler, but now she is my true best friend. The first time she said that I am her "TRUE" friend, I was like wow, this is great! Plus she is not transferring, lol... and I know for sure she'll be my maid of honor one day!

Here is a quote that goes out to you Anne, thanks for being a great, "TRUE" friend:

The greatest sweetener of human life is Friendship. To raise this to the highest pitch of enjoyment, is a secret which but few discover.
--Joseph Addison

Posted by Stefanie Robb at November 30, 2003 06:28 PM

AWWWWWE!!! Thanks a lot Stef!! Yes you are my true best friend and I will always be there for you NO MATTER WHAT. If you ever need anything, you know that I'll be here: even if it's something as little as commenting on your weblog. I'm so happy we became friends because it's scary how much we have in common and how crazy and silly we act when we're together. You were there when I needed you too, which is why I know your my bestest friend in the whole wide world!!
PS-I'm very glad you came to Seton Hill.

Posted by: Anne Stadler at November 30, 2003 11:32 PM

You can consider me a pal. I'll always look on your blog...even if I don't comment. Sometimes you are so poignant, I don't really need to say anything else.

Keep blogging girl. Don't get yourself down. You have big reports to do that. :-)

Posted by: Amanda at December 2, 2003 09:33 AM

stef i'm glad i met you this year and i hope i still talk to you next semester! i'll miss having every class with you, but we did have some fun times! have fun with everything that you do.
p.s. thanks for commenting onmy blogs hun!:)

Posted by: leah pore at December 2, 2003 07:30 PM


My God did we have fun this semester or what?! Between this class and CWW what more could we ask for? This class gave us headaches and CWW gave us laughs, especially between Jay and Aaron! lol! I know we will be friends for a long time and we always have our 2 in the morning conversations! Here's to the rest of our lives!

Tiffany :-)

Posted by: Tiffany at December 6, 2003 01:44 AM
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